The NAAR By-Laws
  1. The National American Alsatian Registry™ will work for the protection and advancement of the strongbred American Alsatian™ .
  2. Complaints of false information must be submitted in writing, and will get 45 days time to investigate and respond to such complaint.
  3. Application for registration must be completed with all requested information and evidence of eligibility for registration must be submitted with such.
  4. Application for a single dog, must be accompanied with four pictures of the said dog. Front view 2 side views and 1 rear view of said dog in a standing position. The photo will remain the property of the NAAR and be permanently placed in your members file.
  5. The sire and dam must be registered before a member will be allowed to register a litter. All requirements of the application must be met before a registration certificate of membership can be issued. If the Sire or Dam is not registered fill out an application for a single dog and send it with pictures to the NAAR.
  6. Litter Registration and/or application for litter registration must be completed in full, making certain all registration numbers of the sire and dam. Applicant must check the name and address on the front of both the sire and dam's registration certificate against that of the individual who has represented themselves as the owner. All applications must be received within six months of the whelping date. A picture of the whole litter must be accompanied plus a picture of each pup. The pictures will remain the property of the NAAR and will be permanently placed in your members file.
  7. Breeder's must obtain a Breeders Certificate and their breeder's number shall be placed in the appropriate box. If you are not a registered Breeder you may still breed your dog and register the litter if the "Breeder" who approved of the breeding is a registered Breeder with the NAAR or if you have the backing and signature of a breed master.
  8. Breeder's must keep records of the puppies sold and register them in a Breeding book or a three ring binder made into a breeding book and the records must provide: the sire and dam's name and registration numbers, the whelping date, the litter judges initials and stamp of approval of the new born, three weeks, six weeks and eight week puppy test with scores. You should also have the registration numbers of each puppy that has been approved and registered through the NAAR.
  9. Transfer of Dog: The back of the issued certificate of registration must be completed to transfer a dog into another name and ownership along with the appropriate fee. If this dog has not been tested at six months and/or one year you should email the Judges to have that done. When the dog receives his qualified score and our judges approve of the temperament and character then your dog will be transferred as registered into the new owners name.
  10. Most owners will change the dog's name after you have sold them. Breeders sometimes use their own surnames and give them a male or female name, or if you prefer, you may use the kennel name where your dog is registered.
  11. Inspections: The NAAR authorized representative and judges has the right to inspect the records and practices and to examine any dog registered with the NAAR.
  12. Penalties: the NAAR may refuse any dog or litter or to record the transfer of any dog for sole reason that the records do not support the application required or because a dog did not pass the required judging test.
  13. All registration records are kept confidential by the NAAR and any request for file information must be submitted in writing and signed by a member who is the owner of record.
  14. The NAAR reserves the right to change any and all rules, fees, etc. without notice anytime conditions warrant such changes.
  15. The NAAR stands firmly behind the constitutional rights of all individuals.