NAAR Registration and Quality

There is a widely held belief that "papers" guarantee the quality of a dog. This is not the case. The NAAR is a Registry Body and that is all.

A registration certificate identifies the dog as the offspring of a known sire and dam, born on a known date. It in no way indicates the quality or state of health of the dog.

Quality in the sense of "show quality" is determined by many factors including the dog's health, physical condition, ability to move and appearance. Many people breed their dogs with no concern for the qualitative demands of the breed standard. This is where they and us divide.

All breeders of the American Alsatian™ must pass a breeding and genetics program and are awarded a certificate of breeding excellence when completed. If you have gotten a puppy who has a large amount of physical problems then you should contact the breed club, not the registration department.

Although we do and will report your concerns directly to the NAAC and everyone will know about any breeder of this breed who is breeding problem dogs. If this occurs and is not fixed with the breeder then that breeder will be denied any further dealings within the NAAC or the NAAR. Breeding the American Alsatian™ is a privilege, not a right.

Before buying a dog, you should investigate the dog's parentage (including titles and pedigree information), the breeder's breeding practices, the breed standard, and the temperament and character tests recommended by the NAAC Parent Club for the breed