Papers and Identification

Under NAAR Rules, any person who sells dogs represented as NAAR registerable must maintain records that make it possible to give full identifying information with every dog delivered even though NAAR "papers" are not yet available. Do not accept any dog represented to be an American Alsatian™ who is not registered with the NAAR. There is no other registration for the true American Alsatian™.

The Rules and Regulations of the National American Alsatian Club stipulate that whenever someone sells or delivers a dog registerable with NAAR, the dog must be identified by providing the buyer with a properly completed American Alsatian™ Registration Application for "a dog not yet individually registered" or a properly completed "American Alsatian™ Registration Certificate" for a registered dog. If neither of these is available, the person delivering or shipping the dog must furnish the person acquiring the dog with a "bill of sale" or written statement, signed by the seller, giving all of the identifying information listed below:

    For a Dog Not Yet Individually Registered

  • Breed
  • Sex and color and markings
  • Date of birth
  • Litter number (when available)
  • Names and numbers of sire and dam
  • Name of breeder
  • Date sold or delivered

    For a Registered Dog

  • Breed
  • Registered name
  • Registration number
  • Date sold or delivered

This identifying information must be supplied with the dog even though NAAR papers are not yet available. When you do receive the properly completed NAAR registration papers, verify the papers against your bill of sale to ensure that all the information is correct. Please be advised that a dog will not be registered or transferred without the proper American Alsatian registration papers.

If you are buying a dog that is supposed to be registerable with the NAAR you should realize it is your responsibility to obtain complete identification of the dog or you should not buy the dog. If a breeder is doing his paperwork in a regular, careful manner, there is ample time to obtain the necessary "papers" from NAAR prior to sale of any puppy.