How NAAR Registration Functions

The National American Alsatian Registry 's registration system can be described as a cycle, which is repeated every generation. A convenient starting point is the registration of a litter.

In order for a litter to be eligible for registration, the sire (Father/stud dog) and the dam (Mother/bitch) must be individually NAAR registered and the litter must be whelped in the United States.

Registration of the litter must be completed before any of the pups from the litter can be individually registered with NAAR.

Application to register a litter must be submitted on a Litter Registration Application form. This form as well as others mentioned here are available upon request.

The owners of the sire and dam should complete and sign the appropriate portions of the application and submit it to NAAR with the required fee.

When you buy an American Alsatian™ represented as registerable, you should receive an American Alsatian™ Registration Application form properly filled out by the seller.

When you complete your portion and submit it with the proper fee, this form will enable you to register your American Alsatian™. When the application has been processed, you will receive an American Alsatian™ Registration Certificate.