Frequently Asked Questions

My dog never was registered can I register with NAAR?

Yes. When you fill out the NAAR application place any information that you have in correct place on application. Leave blank fields that you don't have the information on. Please see the classification area.

I have a form with my dogs information on it is that my registration?

No, that is a registration application. Send it to NAAR to get the dog registered. You will then receive an official certificate of registration "papers" naming you as the owner of the dog. Registration transfers the dog from the breeder to you.

Why are there classes of dogs registered with NAAR?

NAAR is a registry that promotes good breeding, good dog ownership, and encourages every dog owner to enjoy the benefits and joys of dogs.

To distinguish between pure bred dogs and other types of dogs the NAAR has set up a classification system to allow diverse types of dogs to be registered and not excluded

What are the classes of dogs registered with NAAR?

Pure Breeds

The A Class - Multiple generations registered with NAAR
Sire and dam on litter applications must be registered with the The National Alsatian Shepalute Registry either before or at the time the litter is registered.
Class F-1: Foundation stock:
Registration applications submitted individually, without having been registered as a part of an entire litter, whether or not sire and/or dam are registered with the NAAR with documentation as to proof of breed.
Litter registered, one parent either sire or dam on litter application not registered with NAAR.

Specialized Classes

Pet Class:
Any dog that does not meet the classification and proof requirements for other classes or that is specified as a PET when sold.
Service Class:
Dogs that have met certification requirements and/or NASC tests as a service or Companion Dog.

How does a dog get classified?

Data from applications will be used to determine proper classification. In the event that your dog's papers were lost, never issued. If your dog was not a "recognized breed", or is an import. The following items will be accepted as proof for classification: 4 photographs of the dog, one head view and two side view's, one rear view OR documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating what your dog is OR documentation from a recognized or licensed breeder who is claiming the dog as part of one of her/his litters.

How do I register my adult dogs?

A completed single dog application must be submitted with the required fee. If available, place other kennel club sire, dam, & litter numbers in correct place on application. (Photocopies of other registration may be attached to form for ease of completion) Each will have a unique American Alsatian™ Registration number.

Why should I register my litter?

Registering litters is vital to assure accurate genealogical records.

You only fill out one form for the entire litter. You receive printed registration forms (one for each pup) to give to your customer. These have the sex of the puppy on each application. (example; If the litter had 2 Male and 3 Female pups you will receive 2 Male applications and 3 Female applications). When you sell the puppies each purchaser should receive the application which shows the corresponding correct sex indicated on form.

  • Litter Registration also maintains or raises class rating.
  • Registering litters not only shows professionalism, but also assures accurate genealogy, pedigrees and tracking of bloodlines.
  • Giving your customers printed forms with all the pertinent information helps to avoid problems. There is no confusion as to parents, birth date etc.
  • With a registered litter NAAR can help with verification if a customer calls for information on you or the dog.

Can I register my adult dogs and their litter at the same time?

Yes. As NAAR does not have a time limit or penalty on registration you can register both the adults and the litter at the same time either with printed applications or online.

Can I register litter if the parents are not registered with NAAR?

No. The FEMALE (dam) MUST be registered with NAAR.

Litters from one dog registered with NAAR and the other recognized by another club will be registered and classed according to the NAAR classification rules.

It is preferable to have both parents registered as the pedigree, bloodline and genealogical information is more complete and will make for better records in the future.