The National American Alsatian Registry™ has been in existence since February 1988. We only register American Alsatians™ and are concerned solely with the validity of registration information submitted and certified by the applicant thus keeping our full efforts directly on and towards this breed. We do feel that only such a registry can offer complete alliance to the breed.

Our objective is to adopt and enforce uniform rules and regulations for persons interested in exhibiting, running, breeding, registering, purchasing and selling American Alsatians™ . To detect, prevent and punish frauds in connection there with to protect the interest of its members, in which rules and regulations have been designed to carry out these objectives.

The National American Alsatian Registry™ has field and corporate representatives to investigate breeding practices and handle complaints towards depleting this breed of dog.

We recognize and work together with the National American Alsatian Club™ towards the betterment of the breed and open a sincere invitation to any individual who can produce proper and legal proof of the purity of their dog as that of the American Alsatian™ .

We look forward to your membership and please do not hesitate to call on us if you have any questions or concerns.


Lois Schwarz,
NAAR Founder

The official name of this breed has been changed to The American Alsatian™. If you have a registration certificate for an Alsatian Shepalute and would like your registration to reflect the new name, please submit a registration request for a single dog. See link below.